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Community Governance Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

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You may be aware that Cheshire East Council has been conducting a review of town and parish council governance arrangements across the Cheshire East Borough.

The Public Consultation ran from 6th September to 28th November 2021. The review was to impact our parish in the following ways:

  • to reduce the number of RPC Councillors from 12 to 10.

  • proposal made by Bollington Town Council to amend the boundary with Rainow.

Rainow Parish Council (RPC) was unanimous in objecting strongly to the proposal by Cheshire East and by Bollington Town Council.

The final recommendations are for no changes to Rainow.

The recommendations will go through the Community Governance Review Sub-Committee on 4th April. Details of the recommendations can be found using the following links:


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