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Advertising in The Raven

The Raven's current advertising rates are shown below. When compared to similar print media these offer exceptional value for money. If you would like a copy of a back issue to look at before deciding whether to advertise simply contact the editors with your mailing address.

Black & White Approx. size (cm) Number per
A4 page
Standard Rate
(one issue)
Double Rate
(two issues)
Sixteenth page 9.25 x 3.00 16 £18 £33
Eighth page 9.25 x 6.00 8 £32 £59
Quarter page 13.50 x 9.25 4 £59 £109
Half page 13.50 x 19.00 2 £93 £175
Full page 27.00 x 19.00 1 £negotiable £negotiable

There may be a small charge for artwork (typically £10) where advertisements are not provided in publication ready format.

The editors of The Raven respectfully reserve the right to decline any advertisement.

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